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Healthinsite provides a wide range of up-to-date and quality assessed information on important health topics such as diabetes, cancer, mental health and asthma through links to some of Australia's most authoritative health organisations and their websites.



Healthinsite provides a wide range of up-to-date and quality assessed information on important health topics such as diabetes, cancer, mental health and asthma through links to some of Australia's most authoritative health organisations and their websites.


Atlas of Productive Ageing

The Atlas of Productive Ageing provides regional statistics on the population, health, finance, housing and activity of Australians aged 50+. The data are available by state and local government area, along with a step-by-step guide to using the Atlas.

Australian clinical trials

Provides reliable and up-to-date information and advice about clinical trials in Australia for the public, researchers and industry.

Bladder and Bowel Website

The Department of Health website provides information and advice on the prevention and management of bladder control and bowel problems. It also provides information on continence health promotion, early intervention and support for consumers, their families and carers, as well as health professionals, service providers and researchers.

Cancer Learning

The Cancer Learning online hub is an initiative of Cancer Australia. The Cancer Learning hub is designed for use by all health professionals involved in providing cancer care: clinical practitioners, both specialist and non-specialist; administrators; and educators.


Provides links to the BreastScreen Australia program; the National Cervical Screening Program; and the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. Provides up to date information on breast, cervical and bowel cancer, the programs and where to get extra information.

Closing the Gap – Tackling Indigenous Chronic Disease

The Indigenous Chronic Disease Package is part of the Australian Government’s response to closing the gap in Indigenous health outcomes. It aims to provide support to the health sector and better access to health care by Indigenous Australians.

CSIRO wellbeing plan for kids

The CSIRO Wellbeing Plan for Kids provides a step-by-step plan for families to make healthy changes to their eating and activities.

Drinking Nightmare

The National Youth Alcohol campaign 'Drinking nightmare' aims to contribute, along with a range of initiatives, to a reduction in harms associated with drinking to intoxication by young Australians.

eHealth - general information

E-health will enhance the way information is exchanged, shared and managed in the Australian health sector. Australians will be able to check their medical history online through the introduction of personally controlled electronic health records, which will boost patient safety, improve health care delivery, and cut waste and duplication.

Environmental health

Department of Health and Ageing information on environmental health and how conditions in the environment or surroundings of humans that can affect health and well-being.

Food and Health Dialogue

The Food and Health Dialogue's main activity is action on food innovation, including a voluntary reformulation program. The program aims to reduce the saturated fat, added sugar, sodium and energy, and increase the fibre, wholegrain, fruit and vegetable content across a range of commonly consumed foods.

Health and wellbeing

HealthInsite health and wellbeing area links to topic pages on issues that affect your health, such as fitness, nutrition, mental health and drugs, as well as information on health-related issues, such as health insurance and the health system, legal issues and biotechnology. Healthinsite provides links to some of Australia's most authoritative health organisations and their websites.

healthdirect Australia

healthdirect Australia provides free* access 24 hours a day to healthcare triage, health advice and health information. Services include the healthdirect Australia telephone triage, health advice and information line; the Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Helpline; HealthInsite, your gateway to reliable health information; and the After Hours GP Helpline. *Calls from landlines are free; Mobile charges may apply.

How do you measure up?

The Measure Up campaign aims to reduce the risk factors contributing to Australians suffering from a chronic disease.

Interactive online data

Interactive online health and welfare related data spreadsheets and data cubes from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

METeOR - Metadata Online Registry

METeOR is Australia's repository for national data standards for health, housing and community services statistics and information. The system was developed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) as a Metadata Online Registry.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Equality Council (NATSIHEC)

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Equality Council (NATSIHEC) provides national leadership in responding to the Australian Government's commitment to closing the gap on a range of health-related areas where Indigenous Australians experience disadvantage.

National Health Services Directory

iPhone, Android and other apps - Find health services, such as general practices, pharmacies, hospitals and emergency departments, when and where you need them.

Nutrient Reference Values

NRV's (nutrient reference values) are a set of recommendations for nutritional intake based on currently available scientific knowledge. This website allows health professionals to quickly and easily determine nutritional needs without having to consult complex tables for every nutrient. Users will also have access to recommendations, based on scientific evidence, about how to optimise what to eat in order to reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Nutrition and healthy eating

The Government provides guidelines and recommendations for Australians to encourage healthy eating that will minimise the risk of the development of diet-related diseases within the Australian population.


iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - Better access to facts and figures on the health and wellbeing of Australians. Topics covered include: diseases and conditions, risk factors, health spending, alcohol and tobacco and an overview of the health of population groups.

Patient education

This section of the Department of Health and Ageing website links to information on a wide range of health topics such as communicable diseases, HIV and AIDS, lifestyle prescriptions, organ donation and palliative care.

Pensioner concession card

A Pensioner Concession Card gives cardholders access to Australian Government health concessions and helps with the cost of living by reducing the cost of certain goods and services.

Physical activity

This section of the Department of Health and Ageing website provides interesting and useful information on physical activity and health associated issues. The National Physical Activity Guidelines for Australians outline the minimum levels of physical activity required to gain a health benefit and ways to incorporate incidental physical activity into everyday life.

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby service

Phone the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby service 1800 882 436 for support relating to pregnancy, birthing, post-natal care and parenting in the first 12 months. Service operates 24 hours a day.

Promoting healthy weight

Specific information on overweight and obesity is provided, including: prevalence of overweight and obesity; How overweight and obesity is defined; Calculate your BMI (for adults only); Causes ofoverweight and obesity; Health consequences; Economic consequences.

Public toilet map

The National Public Toilet Map (the Map) shows the location of more than 14,000 public and private public toilet facilities across Australia. Details of toilet facilities can also be found along major travel routes and for shorter journeys as well. Information is provided about each toilet, such as location, opening hours, availability of baby change rooms and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Statistics [health]

Department of Health and Ageing page linking to various sources of statistical information. includes ageing and aged care statistics, general practice statistics, health statistics, and medicare statistics.

Youth health

Despite Australia's increasing wealth and generally high level of education, many indicators of developmental health and wellbeing are showing adverse trends amongst children and adolescents.

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