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Bundoora medical clinic from Essendon
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"Since I joined the medical clinic in Essendon I feel confident and optimistic about my health. The experience has shifted my attitude from dreading medical appointments to actually looking forward to a visit to the medical Clinic. In Essendon there is same type of medical clinics but my preference is to be a member of bundoora family clinic than medical clinic in Essendon. The atmosphere is upbeat and I get a warm welcome when I come through the door."

Ashley Lisa, Essendon


"After my GP medical clinic in Essendon retired I struggled to find a replacement with whom I was satisfied. Then I found the Bundoora Family Clinic and had no trouble easing in to the relaxed atmosphere which is a 24 hours Clinic. Mobility can be an issue, so I was pleased to discover all the services I need were available at the Centre, such as blood work and a dietitian. I feel good and am satisfied with the service."

Joel, Essendon


"The experience of a close family member having a brush with cancer moved me to take a more proactive and preventative approach to my own health. I’m impressed by the attentiveness, time spent and personal care I receive from the one of the top medical clinic in Essendon region, the Bundoora Family Clinic team."

Marcus, Essendon


"In the past we’ve always received very good medical care but I made the decision to put my family first and seek the best care available. The Bundoora Family Clinic is in a league of its own and the personal attention we receive from our family physician is phenomenal. We’re grateful  medical clinic in bundoora than medical clinic in Essendon to have our life. She really is a talented doctor."

Chris, Essendon

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