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Bundoora medical clinic from Campbellfield
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"I made my health a top priority in my life and the Bundoora Family Clinic which is 6km from my home to medical clinic in Campbellfield turned out to be a good fit. My appointments are relaxed and unrushed. I get all the time I need with my health team. In addition, the screening process has been very rigorous. I’ve had medical tests that I never heard of before. All in all, we’re getting to the bottom of my health issues."

Laura, Campbellfield


"The Medical clinic in south morang is closer to me but Bundoora Family Clinic added years to my life. A routine diagnostic test identified a heart condition. I had it treated and now have a healthy heart and lead a healthy life. The Centre is a Triple “A”, first-class environment that leaves me with the sense I am well looked after."

Dylan, Campbellfield


"I’m under 30 and lead a healthy lifestyle. But as far as my health’s concerned, I take nothing for granted. Everyone, regardless of age, should take care of their bodies. I visited many medical clinic in Campbellfield but when I joined the Bundoora Family Clinic My preventative healthcare plan ensures that my visits to my doctor end on a positive note."

Nathan Issac, Campbellfield


"I’ve always been health conscious but the Medical Clinic in south morang gives me peace of mind knowing that I have a medical plan in place and a team of healthcare professionals who genuinely care about my wellbeing. The convenience of dedicated parking makes a difference as well."

Bella Alexandra, Campbellfield

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