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To reach Bundoora medical clinic from Rosanna

Rosanna is a leafy suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, located just 12 kilometres north-east from the city centre of Melbourne. It falls in the government area of the City of Banyule and has an approximate population of 7,697 people.

With all these residents, there’s high demand for reliable doctors in the area, which is why Bundoora Family Clinic and Medical Centre is proud to extend our services to the suburb. Our clinic is located only 8 kilometres away, making it accessible and easy to get to. Patients from Rosanna can choose to drive or catch a tram to get here, providing them with flexible transport options.

Our medical and clinical staff provide fantastic preventative lifestyle care for patients, and our bulk billing doctors have received training all over the world, giving them the ability to provide a wide range of care to you and your family. If you live in Rosanna and are looking for reliable doctors for affordable medical care, make an appointment at our clinic today.

Our GPs provide comprehensive health care, including preventative care and general check-ups. We provide our services late, 7 days a week, allowing you to see us at a time that’s convenient for you.

How to reach Bundoora Family Clinic via car:

  • It’s just 8.3 km from Rosanna to our late night medical clinic
  • A 12 minute drive

If you wish to catch public transport to our clinic, please click the link below to vew public transport timetables:

Bundoora - Rosanna

If you require detailed directions, please click 'direct me' to obtain step by step instruction.

To reach Bundoora medical clinic from Rosanna
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The patients are coming in gradually and the duration of each consultation is now reasonable and contributes to the seamless management of our operations”

Charlie, Rosanna

My favorite feature is the appointment confirmation service by phone. I now have the opportunity to book a time slot with a doctor or to cancel the appointment without even disturbing a receptionist. It also reduces waiting time at the cllinic. And since many medical specialties are available, I can get all the medical monitoring I need at the same clinic. I am very fortunate to have that kind of clinic close to my home, but even if I wasn’t that lucky, it definitely would be worth using this service! “

Isabella, Rosanna


The staff was wonderful. “

Danielle, Rosanna


No doctor likes to see crowds of exasperated patients queuing each morning at the clinic’s door. When New system of activities presented their solution for walk-in clinic registration by phone, I was surprised and impressed at the same time. This solution is simple since all you need is a phone; it’s fair for everyone, it solves the morning queues issue and it also provides more comfort to all of our patients. We never hesitated to implement this technology which also provides many benefits to the clinic’s staff”

Maddy, Rosanna
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